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Dá-me Um Segundo

Studio album - October 2015

1: Não Dá


2: Agora É tarde


3: Calma


4: Não Faço Questão (ft. Gabriel O Pensador)


5: Primeira Vez (ft. João Pequeno)


6: Tempo Pra Quê (ft. Player)


7: Assim Assim


8: A Minha Cama


9: Adeus E As Melhoras


10: Eu Sei


11: Miudos


12: Joni Lagostim (Radio Edit)

Dá-me Um Segundo is the second DAMA album, originally released on October 23rd 2015.
On June 16th 2015 they released the first single from the second studio album, Não Dá, theme that keeps the same recording of the previous album but revealing evolution and maturity.

In September of 2015, the band began to promote the album, in particular through videos placed in the official YouTube account using the hashtag #DAMEUMSEGUNDO. On September 22nd 2015, the band released the second single from the album with participation of the Brazilian singer Gabriel o Pensador entitled Não Faço Questão. The song has reached the number 1 in iTunes in Portugal.
The disc counts on the participations of the Brazilian singer Gabriel o Pensador, in Não Faço Questão, João Pequeno in Primeira Vez an the Player in Tempo pra Quê. Debuted at the top of the national sales charts. In the second and third weeks of sales remained the best selling. In the remaining weeks it kept in the top 10, until the 21st week coming out for the 12th best selling album. In total the first 55 weeks of sales passed 40 of them in the top 10.
On November 7th 2015 they performed at the Guimarães Multipurpose Pavilion, being the first concert to present the new album. Mia Rose accompanied the band in The Secrets in Silence.
On November 13th and 14th 2015, they perform for the first time in two solo concerts in one of the largest Portuguese venues, the Campo Pequeno in Lisbon. Both concerts were sold out and were the presentation of the new album.

In January of 2016, after 4 months of sales the album was certified like platina by AFP by superior sales. The concerts counted on participations of Mia Rose, Salvador Seixas, João Pequeno, Player, João Só and Abraham Mateo. to 15,000 units.
On March 2nd 2016 they won in the categories of Band of the Year and Best Album of the Year with Dá-me Um Segundo in the Portuguese gala Trend Music Awards. They were still nominated for Collaboration of the Year with Não Faço Questão (with Gabriel O Pensador), Best Performance and Music of the Year with Não Dá.
March 12th 2016 won in the Favorite Portuguese Musician category at the awards gala International Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards against Agir, Carlão and Filipe Gonçalves. In 2016, the theme No Doubt (with Gabriel o Pensador) was named Best Music in the Golden Globes of SIC. They were also nominated in the Best Group category with the album Dá me me Um Segundo, having won the last one.
On May 28th 2016 they performed in one of the biggest Portuguese festivals, in Rock in Rio, with the participation of Gabriel o Pensador as special guest to an audience of 85 thousand spectators.
On July 14th 2016, they performed at the MEO Marés Vivas festival for about 25 thousand people. In September 2016 they were nominated again in the category of Best Portuguese Act in MTV Europe Music Awards, having lost to David Carreira
On October 21st they performed at MEO Arena in Lisbon, "the largest room in the country" with a full house.
The album is in 17th place of the best selling albums always at national level.
Technical data
Francisco Maria Pereira, Miguel Coimbra and Miguel Cristovinho: Voices
Vítor Silva and Miguel Coimbra: Programming
Vítor Silva: Acustic Guitare, Base, Electric Guitare, Rhodes, Hammond, Clavinet, Guitalele, Keyboard, SynthesizersZ, Ukelele
Mixed and Mastered by
Vitor Silva
Photography by
Arlindo Camacho
Album Design
Love St. Studio - Carmo Mineiro, Joana Rangel
Launch date
23rd October 2015
Special guests
Agir: Production, programmming and synthesizers of the theme “Minha Cama”
Gabriel O Pensador: Voices in “Não Faço Questão”
João Só: Acustic Guitare, Glockenspiel e Mellotron in “Adeus e As Melhoras”
Francisco Meoli: Piano in “Primeira Vez”
João Barbosa: Production, Mixing, programming, guitares, piano and violino in “Eu Sei”, Acustic Guitare in “Tempo Pra Quê"
Nelson Klasszik: Production and Drum Programming in “Tempo Pra Quê"
Rui Rodrigues: Electric Guitare in “Tempo Pra Quê”
Erdzan Saidov: Synth in “Tempo Pra Quê”
Player: voices in “Tempo Pra Quê”
João Pequeno: Percussion, Acustic Guitare and Voz in tema “Primeira Vez”
Miguel Silva: Percussion in “Primeira Vez”
Dj Link: Scratch in “A minha cama”
Pedro R. De Castro: Harmonica and Acustic Guitare in “A minha cama”
João Almeida: Voice in “Eu sei”
Sérgio Silva: Brushes in “Não Dá”
Manuel Santiesteban: Udu in “Não Dá”
Salvador Seixas, Marta Coimbra and José Luís: Voices in “Calma”