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Lado A Lado

Studio album - November 2017

1: O que lá vai


2: Friozinho Na Barriga (ft. Diogo Nogueira)


3: Volta E Meia (ft. Jalma)


4: Tudo Sobre Nós


5: Pensa Bem (ft. PROFJAM)


6: Não Comeces


7: Miudas Como Tu


8: Deixa-me Ir


9: Nasty


10: Era Eu


11: Sussurro (ft. Mia Rose)


12: Sinto

"This album was all produced by us, except for two songs. We got where we wanted to go. Our identity is much more mirrored. In all the songs our musicians participate and members of our family also sing. The disc will be called 'Lado a Lado', this is because we decided to divide it into two different types of sonorities: One with a more digital side and another more acoustic. We have already released four songs - two Side A ['Era Eu' and 'Oquelávai'] and two Side B ['Pensa Bem' and 'Não Comeces']. They are different sonorities. In all albums so far, as a matter of principle, we want names to make sense. The 'side by side' has several meanings. One is that the two sides of the album walk side by side inside us. Our idea is not that there is Side A and Side B, we do not feel that one hemisphere of the brain creates one type of music and another type. It is something that is part of us. But we want to show that these two sides, both acoustic and digital, go together and it's us. Going forward we also want the albums to be a mix of everything that we are."

On September 12th 2016, the Mega Hits radio debuted the single Era Eu, announcing that it was the first sample of the band's new album. The name of the album, Lado a Lado, was revealed on October 3rd 2017 in the band's official instagram. In 2017, the group's MEO Marés Vivas 2016 concert was the winner of the best live performance - Portuguese or Spanish at the Iberian Festival Awards. 2017.
In January 2017, the Era Uma Vez tour began at the Olga Cadaval Cultural Center in Sintra. In April 2017 they created the Acorda o Sonho project, a talent pool with the aim of providing financial support, reversing part of the revenues earned, and strategic to talented Portuguese.
On April 8th act for the first time in the Coliseum of Porto. In April 2017, Mia Rose releases the single Sussuro with the participation of the band.
On April 21st they released the song Não Dá in Spanish, titled No Más, thus continuing the promotion of the band's music in Spain. On May 18 they released two singles, Pensa Bem (with ProfJam) and Não Comeces. On 23rd October they released the single Oquelávai.

                The presentation concert of the album, was realized, on the 9th February 2018. In only two weeks the band conquered the Gold Album (Disco de Ouro). In March 2018, the video "Era Eu" conquers the first prize in the Los Angeles Music Video Awards in the "Best Feel Good Video" category and the "People's Choice" award. "Era Me" was one of the most played songs in 2017 and the video, by Boy-friend 1, with more than 12 million views.
On 18th April 2018 they released the 5th single from the album: the choice fell on "Nasty". The video was produced by Mundo4K, Ana Banana and Maria Andrade.
Technical data
Francisco Maria Pereira, Miguel Coimbra e Miguel Cristovinho: Vozes
Special guests
Diogo Nogueira, Jalma, PROFJAM e Mia Rose
Album Design
Gonçalo Coimbra
Launch data
25 de Novembro de 2017