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Uma Questão de Princípio

Studio album - September 2014

1: Balada Do Desajeitado (ft. Salvador Seixas)


2: Na Na Na


3: As Vezes


4: The Secrets In Silence (ft. Mia Rose)


5: Luísa


6: Popless


7: Mentiras


8: Sente A Minha Magia




10: Só Quero Você


11: Quer


12: O Maior

A Question of Principle is the debut album of D.A.M.A. Released on September 29, 2014. The album features the participation of Salvador Seixas, a competitor of the first edition of The Voice Portugal and friend of the band in Balada do Desajeitado (version of a theme of the Quadrilha), Mia Rose (Cristovinho's girlfriend) in The Secrets in Silence and the Brazilian singer Gabi Luthai in Só Quero Você, songs that helped to balance the album's sound.

The album debuted in the third place of the national sales top, first place for 19 weeks. Having been 54 weeks in the national top 10, was certified as double platinum by AFP and sold until November 2015 more than 30 thousand units. After 109 weeks of sales, only one week did not remain on the 50 best selling albums nationwide. In 2015 the song Sometimes was named Best Music in the Golden Globes of SIC. They were also named in the Best Group and Revelation of the Year categories (only category voted by the public), although they did not win. The album is in 10th place of the best-selling albums ever at the national level.
Technical data
Francisco Pereira: voices
Miguel Coimbra: voices, battery programming, guitarra, synthesizers e piano
Miguel Cristovinho: voices e guitares
Alexandre Manaia: battery programming, wurlytzer, rhodes, guitares, base, ukulele, melody, synthesizers e percussão
Ivo Costa: percussion
Francesco Meoli: piano, keyboards, synthesizers and melody
Vitor Silva: base, guitares, keyboards, programming, baterry, ukulele
Pedro Castro: guitare
João Barbosa: programming, battery e guitalele
Mixed and Mastered by
Vitor Silva: All themes except: Balada do Desajeitado, Luísa and Só Quero Você (by Nelson Canoa)
Logo and symbol of D.A.M.A:
Vitor Silva:GZ Design
Special guests
Salvador Seixas: voice in Balada do Desajeitado
Gabi Luthai : voice in Só Quero Você
Mia Rose: voice e letter in Secrets in Silence
Sebastião Antunes: letter and music in Balada do Desajeitado
Rui Reininho: Lyrics excerpts Popless
Produced by
Miguel Coimbra e Vítor Silva: Na Na Na, Às vezes, JNQF, Mentiras, Sente a minha magia and Popless
Miguel Coimbra and Alexandre Manaia: Balada do Desajeitado, Luísa and Só Quero Você
Miguel Coimbra and João Barbosa: Secrets in Silence
Photography by
Isadora Lum
Design by
Ricardo Chemega
Launch date
29th September 2014